Things to Consider When Looking for a VPS Provider

VPS hosting means Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting is becoming increasingly popular nowadays because of its privacy. As the name itself indicates, in VPS hosting a separate server space is provided, thus by creating a virtual server for each and every user. A single server tends to act like multiple servers in this scenario. Even though they are using a single server they feel like the entire service is divided among different users. In other words resources are divided here. The key advantage of choosing VPS hosting is you can do all the changes to your account without affecting others even though you are sharing the same server physically.

When you compare VPS hosting with shared hosting then there is a considerable improvement in the performance. It is also cheap when compared to dedicated web hosting.

Here are the three major things to consider while choosing a VPS hosting provider

  • Random Access Memory: VPS hosting is greatly affected by Random Access Memory or RAM. It is always recommended to go for VPS provider who offers enough RAM to run your applications on the web server. It is also a low cost server component and hence greatly affects the cost of VPS
  • Storage: storage or disk space is an important factor to consider while looking for a VPS provider. It is the amount of space you get with your VPS account. Storage space includes the space for your OS (Operating System), website content, application code, web server and other installed software. As the size of a website grows, content acquires most of the space so consider all these factors while choosing the service.
  • Data Transfer: the amount of data transfer also matters while choosing a VPS hosting provider. Both to and from data transfer count in VPS. Some service providers are also found to be offering different limits of data transfer for both to and from operations. Data transfer is also sometimes referred to as bandwidth.

CPU speed also matters as it’s shared with the physical server. This speed varies from one VPS service provider to other. If the speed is high then your website will load faster. Apart from these factors uptime guarantee, server location and customer support also matters and hence needs careful consideration. Also you might want to consider VPS providers who charges on a monthly basis versus a yearly contract.

The experience of VPS providers also matters as it shows how good they are at offering their service. Check out for VPS hosting reviews and comments posted by other users. These comments help in analyzing the customer support and other services offered by the VPS provider. Transparency level and hardware infrastructure are some of the other factors to consider in virtual private server hosting. You can find a lot of VPS providers on the market but choose the one that matches your requirements and budget. Hosting your website with VPS hosting can make a real difference in the performance of your website.

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