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Price: $15/£12 (1GB RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, 50GB Disk Space)

Heart Internet, a UK-based company, offers great VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth on all plans & a VPS reseller hosting plan too.

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Heart Internet is a web hosting company based in the UK, founded in 2004 by Jonathan Brealey and Tim Beresford. They now offer users an excellent Virtual Private Server option. Some of the server’s best features I’ll highlight below to help determine if they’re the best fit for your website, blog, or online business.


Completely customizable. There are 3 core options that Heart Internet offers: Base, Plus, and Pro. Essentially they’re all great and relatively similar options, except for the fact that Plus offers higher specifications than Base, and the same is said for Pro compared to Plus. Of course Pro costs more, but along with the higher price comes increased CPU, hard drive power, RAM, and bandwidth. After selecting one, you can also upgrade these specifications if, for example, you need more RAM, etc, as to fit the needs of your site’s visitors, customers, etc.

24/7 customer support. When you run in to problems, you’ll be seeking customer service to help you. Luckily, you’ll find Heart Internet to have it available 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat. Whether you need technical support or want questions answered before taking advantage of their services, they’ll be there to answer your questions.

Free set up. Whether you buy the lowest or highest-end plan, they’re able to set everything up for your VPS free of charge. It may be daunting to do it yourself, so this is definite a nice perk.

Reseller options. Not only does Heart Internet offer VPS hosting, you can also take advantage of their VPS reseller plan which allows you to resell the hosting to others. You get paid by your customers, and pay a monthly rate depending on the plan you choose (for example, the more customers you have, the higher server specifications you may need). Note: this is a great small business opportunity.


As discussed above, there are 3 main options: Base, Plus, and Pro. This is the pricing and specifications for these base packages. They can be upgraded and prices increase accordingly. All servers can be in Linux or Windows which is determined by the buyer.

Base. £11.99 or around $15 per month. This option is most affordable and great for beginners or smaller sites. You’ll receive 1 core processor (CPU), a 50GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth.

Plus. £37.99 or around $49 per month. A middle range package both in terms of specs and pricing. You can expect 2 core processors, a 100GB hard drive, 3GB RAM, and again, unlimited bandwidth.

Pro. £73.99 or around $95 per month. This is the highest-end option and great for highly-trafficked websites. With this option your server will entail 4 core processors, a 150GB hard drive, 6GB RAM, and you guessed it – unlimited bandwidth.


So now the big question, is Heart Internet’s VPS hosting right for you? It’s certainly a great option, that’s for sure. Remember, just because the company is based in the UK doesn’t mean only people in the UK can take advantage of their services. If you are from the UK, though, that gives you even more reason to use them. Compared to competitors, their pricing is about on par, give or take a little. It’s great that they offer unlimited bandwidth with all of their servers as some VPS hosting options only offer this in the more expensive packages. Their more expensive servers can indeed get pricey but when considering the specs your server will be receiving, you’ll understand that the cost is far from wasted.

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