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Price: $23.99 (1GB RAM, 500GB Bandwidth, 20GB Disk Space)

GoDaddy has one of the cheapest VPS hosting solutions and includes up to $100 Google AdWords credit, $100 Yahoo/Bing ads credit, and $50 for Facebook ads too!

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When it comes to searching for a VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting, a name such as GoDaddy is one of the most reliable and is considered to be one of the best alternatives out there. Serving millions of clients worldwide, GoDaddy comes with a lot of notable features and for a not so noticeable price. They provide hosting to millions of people worldwide, have excellent 24/7 customer support, and simply have so much to offer their customers.


Here are some of the features that can be used to the fullest when choosing to use GoDaddy:

Adaptable to different OS systems. With GoDaddy’s VPS hosting, you can first decide whether you want to use Linux or Windows. You can get a CentOS, a Fedora, or a Windows user interface so that you can navigate through the VPS system easier. The choice of which you use depends on your personal preference or past experience in using a particular one. Because of these back-end systems, you can easily jump from one administrative area to the next quickly and with ease. Plus, since there are no price differences between these programs, you’re able to customize your package to suit your needs without having to break the bank in order to do so.

Guaranteed RAM and storage. Offered are many server sizes to fit anyone’s need, whether you have a million visitors every day or 100. Thus, you can opt-in for a large amount of RAM, bandwidth, HDD, or a smaller amount. If your traffic increases you can always increase that number. After all, there’s nothing worse than keeping customers or readers waiting to load your site — chances are, they’ll leave immediately. On the other hand, you can also get an ample amount of storage and make your site load as fast as possible.

Tons of advertising credits. Oh yeah. You get $100 for Google AdWords, $100 for Yahoo!/Bing Ads, and $50 for Facebook Ads. That’s $250 of credits to get your website hugely visible to tons of interested people!


When it comes to GoDaddy, the service that you get is based on what you can afford. There are Windows and Linux options to choose from, with each of these services having their own pros and cons:

$29.99 per month. This is the cheapest GoDaddy VPS hosting option that you can get. This gives you 1GB RAM, 15GB of storage, and a bandwidth of about 500GB’s per month.

$149.99 per month. It’s the most expensive offered but it can give you more than what you pay for. This includes 8 times faster RAM, 8 times bigger storage space, and 8 times the bandwidth for only 5 times the price of their basic package.


When you need a virtual private server, GoDaddy has a lot to offer you. You can also give them a call to talk about it as their customer support is always there to provide you any information you might need. GoDaddy has different plans, different prices, and different features to please everyone’s needs. Check them out — you won’t regret it.

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