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Price: $39.96 (356MB RAM, 500GB Bandwidth, 20GB Disk Space)

EasyCGI has it all: 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, burstable memory along with excellent server stats, and an even better price (don't forget about the 30-day money back guarantee!).

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EasyCGI is one of the best VPS providers in the world, and the reasons for this are for many reasons which will all be explained below. One of the reasons they have earned this reputation is because of their reliability in giving customers advanced hosting services. The company has won several virtual server awards including top 10 web host of 2010 from Kubus.net. It is also a recipient of the BBB Reliability Program award among other prestigious web hosting services awards and thus is said to be one of the best alternatives in the industry.


EasyCGI specializes in providing Linux VPS hosting to small and big businesses around the world. The following are just some of the numerous features EasyCGI offers:

Large RAM size. The basic package of Linux VPS X allows you access to 16GB of physical RAM. This package also contains quad-core Xeon CPU, RAID storage, and hot spare servers.

24/7 customer service. They have an online help center where you can search their knowledge base, or you can call their support team to talk to someone with 24/7 service guaranteed.

Reliable hosting with high speed data transmission. The burstable memory offered in the VPS hosting of EasyCGI are affordable at their capacity compared to other companies.

Money-back guarantee. EasyCGI covers all accounts a 30-day money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with their service.

Same day setup with no setup fee. 

Support features. They offer a trouble ticket system, knowledge base, 24/7 customer service, and private name servers.


There are four packages that EasyCGI offers. Each virtual server hosting Package features larger capacities in terms of physical RAM, storage size, and the number of features attached to the package. The features and pricing of these packages vary from cheap to relatively expensive. As with any hosting out there, the more you pay, the more you’ll be receiving in terms of memory, disk space, RAM, and so on.

Linux VPS X – $39.96 per month.256 MB of RAM, 512 MB of burstable memory, 20 GB disk space, and 500GB of monthly data transfer.

Linus VPS X2 – $55.96 per month. Contains 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB of burstable memory, 30GB of disk space, and 1,000GB worth of monthly data transfers.

Linus VPS X9 – $95.96 per month. Contains 1 GB of RAM, 2 GB of burstable memory, 50 GB of disk space, and 2,000 GB worth of monthly data transfers

Linus VPS X10 – $143.96 per month. Contains 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of burstable memory, 100 GB of disk space, and 2,000 GB worth of monthly data transfers


The range of features of EasyCGI like the RAM space, the pricing, the 24/7 support, and the amount of disk space are just some of the points that the company really excels at. This includes the reliability of the company when it comes to high speed data transmission due to its generous offer of burstable memory with every monthly package. EasyCGI is among the best hosting companies offering high quality service and products to the most demanding clients worldwide. Check them out for yourself to learn how they can exceed your expectations!

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4 stars

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