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Price: $34.95 (356MB RAM, 500GB Bandwidth, 20GB Disk Space)

Dotster allows you to host unlimited domains and takes advantage of Virtuozzo for maximum security. Customers are also provided with an excellent reseller platform.

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As one of the top VPS hosting options out there, Dotster VPS (Virtual Private Server) gives you all the benefits of being powered by a dedicated server. With Dotster, you experience VPS hosting at its best. Dotster’s mission of providing their customers with the online tools that they need to efficiently perform their tasks is the reason why they are the one of the most well-known providers for growing businesses and tech savvy professionals alike. Not only does Dotster VPS host in their state-of-the-art data center, it is also providing its users with the speed and flexibility that not all hosting services provides.


Their powerful servers allow you to enjoy the benefits you would expect. No matter what variation you choose, be it the Linux VPS with Plesk or cPanel and WHM control panels, or the high performing Windows VPS, it will perform above standards for you just the same.

The Dostster VPS hosting will give you all these features and more:

Complete resources isolation. All your data will be secure and separate from many other users, a dedicated IP address, an extremely fast server response time, root access, a powerful control panel, guaranteed memory and bandwidth, and the Dotster flexible reseller platform.

Hosting unlimited websites. Why have just one website when you can host and manage unlimited sites with the simple interface provided by Dotster? The interface contains an administrator, reseller, and client panel reviews that you can use to your advantage. Aside from that, it is also open for installing applications, brand client control panels, assigning resources and at the same time running your own web, mail, and FTP servers.

Providing security while performing. All the VPS hosting plans offered by Dotster utilizes the Parallel secure Virtuozzo that is responsible for ensuring your security, while at the same time, making sure that it performs at its best.

Affordability and reliability. No matter which package you use, whether a low-end or high-end one, you can expect to receive the same low-price and high reliability guarantees. It is like spending so little for the many benefits that you are receiving with this dedicated server with VPS. Reliability and speed is the core of the Dotster VPS infrastructure, which is a world-class Dotster trait.

Super fast network connection. The infrastructure features the multi-homes, redundant network with Tier-1 Gigabit and OCx internet connections along with a full network redundancy for your peace-of-mind.


Dotster has  24/7 network monitoring so you are always up to date, secure, and provided with the newest technology. It also comes with a 99.99% network uptime track record. It also allows you data backups for added ease. Disk space ranges from 20GB, 30GB and 60GB while the RAM can be 356MB or 768MB depending on your choice. All VPS hosting plans share the same disk space and RAM. For $34.95 or $48.93 a month, you can have your VPS depending on your plan.


Overall, Dotster didn’t make it on to this list for nothing. They got themselves there for offering excellent service and hosting to their customers. It costs less than what most competitors charge so it is the perfect option for you if you are looking for cheap but reliable VPS hosting.

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