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Price: $29.95 (512MB RAM, 500GB Bandwidth, 20GB Disk Space)

CoolHandle transfers your old website and all its content free of charge while you sit back and relax -- plus their servers are green (eco-friendly)!

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CoolHandle is rated among the top VPS hosting companies in the world according to customer reviews and online ratings. The company was established in 2001 and has since become a leader in the industry because of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their decade of knowledge and experience in meeting the demands of their customers has created a name for them as being one of the best hosting solutions around. Some of the features they offer their customers are explained below:


Active customer support. This is one of the most important things that someone should look for in a hosting company as chances are you’ll take advantage of it at some point. All their customer support services come from North America through web-based live support chat and through the phone.

Comprehensive support. The customer support also includes tutorials with support documentation. They also cover you with live system announcements. The company also prides itself with having the best technical staff within the industry, available any time of the day. Support is unparalleled compared to many of their competitors.

Enterprise technology. Features 100mps network speed, high-performance servers, DDos Mitigation and DoS management Cisco Enterprise-consistent network, one of the most advanced networks, making CoolHandle’s servers high-tech, advanced, and very superior.

High performance storage. All data are stored on SAN instead of a Local Disk. This means the system is more reliable with improved disk throughput.

Better bandwidth. With up to 2000GB of bandwidth available, you can be sure of reliable, safe, and secure data storage with fast operation.

Updated memory. The minimum RAM for the basic package is 512MB, while the premium is at 2GB. The size of the RAM is at par with other high-rated VPS hosting companies.

Free services. There are a number of free services included in the package of CoolHandle, like the setting up of the VPS, domain transfer, script transfer, database transfer, and file transfer.

Data security. Multiple and redundant storage makes sure that all your data are safe and secure.

Full control and management. Gain full control via SSH, direct local controlling for debugging, and through the comprehensive VPS control panel.


There are three packages available from the CoolHandle VPS hosting. These are VPS 01, VPS 02, and VPS 03. The most comprehensive virtual server package is the VPS 03.

VPS 01 – $30 per month; includes 512mb of RAM, 20GB of storage space, 500GB of bandwidth. It features basic management level.

VPS 02 – $40 per month; includes 1GB of RAM, 30GB of storage space, 1000GB of bandwidth. It features full management level.

VPS 03 – $80 per month; includes 2GB of RAM, 60GB of storage space, 2000GB of bandwidth. It features full management level.


When it comes to virtual server hosting, there are really very few names that count among the best VPS hosting companies in the world, and CoolHandle is one of them. The Pricing is very straightforward, and the features are satisfactory. There are no major drawbacks with the company, especially since it has one of the best customer support in the industry.

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